WSDL is one of the most popular ways of describing web services syntactically, but it does not have provision for semantic description of web service. Semantic Technologies are gaining popularity in continuous changing internet anatomy that gives rise to the web3.0. As well as Web service technology also gaining popularity, give rise to web services with semantic annotation which can be processed by machines. Semantic annotation when created in context of specific domain makes the web service semantic description ambiguous to other context.

Here, we have taken approach to annotate Web service descriptions using DBPedia which is Cross Domain Public Ontology based on WikiPedia. Value of the annotation is derived from Cross Domain Ontology which make web service more generalized beyond domain. Also approach taken here is applicable for automating the annotation process.

Web services are acting as a backbone of High Performance Computing and Grid Computing. Revolutionary development of softwares using web services is being deployed now a day. This makes it possible to integrate information system from heterogeneous platform to integrate. Web services can be divided in to two categories as Business Processes and Atomic Web Services. Business processes are made up of integrating more than one atomic process. Business processes are generally long lasting. While atomic processes are having only one transaction associated with it and they are having short span of time in execution.

Web Service Description is useful for identifying which service is useful for specific task. Web service description can be structured or unstructured. W3C has proposed structured definition format for web service description and is known as WSDL- Web Service Description Language. WSDL is based on XML and have fixed, yet, extensible format for describing web services. Semantic web is emerging as a latest area of research and development so the World Wide Web can make sense.

This revolution of creating semantic infrastructure over existing gives raise to popular technologies like OWL[14] and RDF[15] for creating Data Models. Current versions of this semantic technologies are enough matured to optimize other internet technologies by augmenting them using semantic information Semantic web services combine the intelligence of Model Reference provided by semantic technologies with the web services.

Many technologies and standards are emerging; most popular among them is OWL-S[1]. OWL-S[1] is gaining popularity and maturity, but it has serious drawback of backward compatibility. Also many unimportant information also makes it heavy in processing. SAWSDL [2] can be said to have backward compatibility with as it only adds attributes to the WSDL [3].

And also it is not dependent on any specific ontology for annotation, which also creates ambiguity while creating annotation between concepts. Our approach is to use SAWSDL [2] annotation model for adding semantic to WSDL[3] and also to reduce ambiguity of the concept. As well as we also Identify Process of automating the annotation to reduce human efforts.