The problem in designing of modern website projects is to produce contents according to the latest trends and styles. The common website editors just help to draw the intended layouts but the problem is to design the accurate web layout according to the demand and latest trends and style. This approach is useful when the user has a specific layout already in mind and is familiar with the web page layout principles as to what kinds of layouts are possible. It is intrinsically difficult for particularly those who have limited artistic and creative abilities to design good layout from scratch which is acceptable in every respect.

An automated system is required that has ability to mine the layouts of the desired type of websites. The designed system for “Web Layout Mining (WLM)” helps to mine the most popular web-layouts from the internet database and design a web-layout that is near to acceptable and have all the marks and features of modem requirements.

The designed system actually bases on a rule based algorithm which helps the user to search out some samples related to his website category and afterwards the user himself chooses a desired web-layout and designs its own one with proper implications and variations according to his own requirements.