To enable the website builders with different knowledge background to build the website rapidly without dependence on any software, “Cloud computing” is utilized to resolve this problem. The enterprise websites’ current situation and development data obtained from the survey show that enterprise websites occupy a majority share in the websites world. This phenomenon reflects the enterprises attach great importance to the Internet. But parties of these websites do not take good effects.

This paper analyses the problems and reasons of present enterprise websites from eight aspects. Through the research of present websites design process, the article introduces the new concept of SAAS to presuppose the design patterns of future websites. These website design patterns can avoid the earlier learning work for the website design and make any one who has different major, different knowledge background and different age build the website without any further learning. Thus the high effective interaction can be implemented.


Up to 2011, the number of the websites in China has reached to 2.79 million among which the enterprise websites’ number occupies over 70% [8]. This shows most enterprises pay great attention to the Internet. But in sharp contrast to it, enterprise websites have not got enough attention from the customers. “The Investigation Report on the Number of Internet Information Resources” shows that the hits of over 50% enterprise websites are less than 50 [4].

On the other hand, instead of the business the enterprise websites bring troubles such as higher cost, junk mails and negative posts, etc [1]. Undoubtedly, many enterprise websites succeed, such as,,,, 800APP, VANCL,, Lenovo. These successful websites have their own characteristics while the unsuccessful enterprise websites have the similar questions after analyzed.