The concept of cloud computing is proposed by Google. Network computing, the predecessor of cloud computing, was brought up in 1999, but wasn’t realized indeed until web 2.0 appeared in 2009. Cloud computing realize its value through three modes, that is, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS [12]. IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) makes users share highperformance devices subject to charges. SAAS (Software as a Service) lets users get the software services from the web pages by fee. PAAS (Platform as a Service) implements the development and test of its owned program and software through the network platform. From 2011, cloud computing will be turned into the broad indeed application from the concept [15].

The core value of cloud computing is the low cost based on a long-term plan. It settles on the long-term benefit instead of a fly-by-night deal. From the point of the customers’ view, the earlier low cost can release the financial pressure and can easily correct the errors during the development. Cloud team will be the good assistant for the enterprises and the capability of EDO will be expanded unlimitedly. Besides these, the advantages of cloud computing are listed as follows [11]:

1) Massive scale: It is composed of millions of servers, that is, supercomputing.

2) Space free: The user can gain application services in any place where the user can connect the computers or mobile phones to the Internet.

3) Extreme security: Cloud uses the measures such as data copies for the fault tolerance, computer node isomorphism swaps to ensure the high reliability of the services.

4) Unlimited expand: The resource and application can be added to the services according to the customers’ requests.

5) Services on demand: Cloud can make customization for every user and provide the completely differentiated services.

6) Low price: The enterprise can rent the devices so that the enterprise doesn’t need the specialized maintenance personnel thus that kind charges can be avoided.

7) No technical threshold: The enterprise can get the latest technical application without the equipment of numerous technical engineers.

Applying the cloud computing, i.e., the WEB patterns of webpage design will change the flow and mode of the website design process thoroughly. One pattern is SAAS software which has relatively low cost [14]. According to the survey, small to medium-sized enterprises think highly of the cost-effectiveness of the website construction and can not afford the high cost [4]. In this pattern, the enterprises can use devices by means of leasing which is entirely adapt to the demand of small to medium-sized enterprises.

It is important that SAAS software has good interaction and availability. At present, domestic SAAS software can implement various functions with poor performance of interaction and availability. For example, 800APP is in the leading position of domestic PAAS platform and SAAS software design and development by now. But after using its CRM software, the author feels that its availability is rather bad and it can not take place of the traditional office software such as Word and Excel. There are many aspects need to be improved. Because the website design is a complicated task, if the users are the professional design and picky enterprise customers, the requirement of this aspect is even higher.

Good interaction and availability will make the pattern adapt to many kinds of user groups including the personal user. The popular blog and homepage editing software is WordPress [9], which can implement multi functions after loading various plug-in components. Just like the skillful warrior, he has great capability but always battles alone. The pattern can connect personal users, such as friends, classmates, net friends, to form a small design team to coordinative design. It is suitable for establishment of the websites for such class as independent designers, design studio, personal homepage. They can pay no gains to search and download the plug-in because the latest plug-in and functions are installed at the cloud end. For the enterprise users have higher requests of the website, it needs to be implemented by the professional design team. This brings the easy-to-use and effective interaction of the pattern into play. The designer doesn’t need to install the software of font or back end such as PS, AI, DW, FLASH, PHP, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, on his own computer. Only need is to open the web browse and then work can be started. Through virtual publish, the customer will see the website design effect at the first time, at the same time the customers can modify the suggestion by comments, notation and speech. All levels of design members can get the feedback by authority management.