Image emotion of a webpage

The main source for human beings to gain and exchange information is graph and image. Image is a comparatively intuitive webpage designing element, helping browsers deepen the understanding of some certain information and making up for the visible deficiency brought about by monotonous characters. Therefore, application of image can add beauty and interest to the webpage[6]. Image can not only help decorate the webpage, but also convey content and express emotion. So choosing and dealing with image are very important, which should be related to the whole website. Only by applying image correctly, the visible effect could be deepened and the browsers also could associate with the complicated content and make preparations psychologically before reading.

The key points of choosing and making image are shown as follows:

1) The images should be clear, having intense visual effects.

2) Image artistic conception should be in harmony with the website users.

3) Image colors should be bright-colored, attractive, unique and unforgettable.

4) Application of colors in image should be in cooperation with the content. Symbolic and associated characteristics can make the webpage full of artistic connotation.

Character emotion of a webpage

When design a webpage, characters and images are mutually complementary in vision, shown to the browsers at the same time. Characters are the important visible media in the webpage design, transmitting information and expressing emotion directly. The application of characters give people aesthetic feelings, delight the masses and evocate the people’s appreciation of beauty, then exactly conveying the designers’ intention and conception.

That text handling is good or bad will directly affect the quality of the whole page. First, the location of the characters ought to meet the overall needs of the page. From the perspective of the overall text of the page, the arrangement of characters should a:oid causing a conflict of vision and to confuse the mInor and nonessential things with the major and essential ones. Different character styles have different emotion; therefore, the consideration about the character styles is necessary, for the character style is just like a human’s personality, showing different feelings. The application of characters has to be decided by the content.

The graphic characters meet the needs of expressing the theme and play an important role in the whole space[7]. Words can directly express the users’ feelings, which can improve the emotion of a webpage if designed properly. Humorous, intimate or ingenious diction can ‘pour emotion’ into the webpage to touch the browsers, arousing resonance of emotion. The webpage designers can use character styles to more fully reflect the feelings in the design. The choice of character style is based on the overall vision of the page and the needs ofthe browsers.

For example, the bold characters, strong and full of strength, have male characteristicsI more suited to the webpage linked with machinery, construction, etc. Lightface characters, graceful and fine, have female characteristics, more suitable for the web for clothes, cosmetics and food industries, etc . The same page with few styles and many styles causes different effects. The former results in the elegant layout, full of stability, while the latter leads to attractiveness, filled with color and variety. Also, the web character color design is important, enable characters to be more outstanding, attracting users’ attention and creating graceful and different visual effects to further bring out web page atmosphere by contrast.

Meanwhile, different sizes of characters in the text can give browsers a different emotional experience, for example, the bigger characters can be used in the titles or the emphasis to draw the readers’ attention while the smaller ones will appear in the page foot or auxiliary information to give readers a general and exquisite sense. The highlight of emotional subject of the web can also be achieved by artistically handling the individual characters. For instance, the visual effect of headline characters can be strengthened consciously by bolding, adding a frame or the designated symbol or graphic art handling, etc. In addition, skillful and reasonable handling of dynamic characters can also highlight and outstand the emotional subject.