At this stage of the project, the transformation and validation of the IMS LD process has been limited to a restricted version of IMS LD Level A: process that do not include environment elements, and do not make use of the completion related attributes/state, nor any of the synchronization mechanisms provided by the specification.

This means that the learning processes considered at the moment can include one or more plays but each of the plays can only be composed by one single act. Both roles of learner and staff will have the correspondent role-part assigned for each of the different acts, defining the set of learning-activities and support-activities to be completed respectively. Activities can be organized in hierarchies of activitystructures of selection type having no number-to-select or sort attribute defined.

The transformation process has been implemented using Perl CGI scripts [9] following the correspondence between the IMS LD specification and the Labyrinth meta-model defined in [2]. As a result of the transformation process, the original IMS LD definition is transformed into a set of ADM design models:

• Structural Diagram:

This diagram represents how the information of the system is structured. The structural diagram resultant of the transformations present a hierarchical structure of nodes connected through aggregation relationships. The node correspondent to the method element of the IMS LD will be placed at the root, and the nodes correspondent to the resources will be placed as leaves.

• Internal Diagrams:

For each node of the Structural Diagram an Internal Diagram is generated. These diagrams detail the contents, links and attributes of each node. The diagrams of the composite nodes will specify the spatial disposition of the nodes they aggregate, while the simple nodes that represent the resources will include content elements, whose attribute path will point to the original resource assets.

• Navigation Diagram:

represents the navigational structure of the system. The Navigation Diagram will only include the method node, as all the nodes of the Structural Diagram are aggregated into each other. All nodes and contents are accessible through the method node and there is no need to provide any links or anchors.

• User Diagram:

Identifies the different user types and roles of the system. As the only roles considered in the IMS LD specification are learner and staff, the diagram will include one or